Cookie Science!

I love cookies, and you love cookies, and Muriel loves cookies, and there is a holiday.

So into Blake’s Decorette Shop in Tigard we went in search of the perfect accessories for making fancy cookies with the templates we made. If you don’t want to make the trek there, they have an online store as well.

Cookie Science!

As an impulse buy, we got the silver Sugar Sheet, which is pure disco stardust, and it made the day fantastic. It comes in many different colors and some have designs printed on them. We also had several colors of sprinkles, blue food dye spray, and for the original cardstock templates, we used acrylic spray to protect the paper from getting too soggy placing it on the eggwashed cookie dough.

Cookie Dough & Co.

We made the dough from this recipe. It is delicious.

After the cookies were cut, we placed the plasticked paper on the cookie dough, and used the Color Mist to spray through the templates, and added colored sprinkles. We made some spectacular failures with melting sprinkles that don’t hold their shape once baked on the cookies, and the templates got gooey and hard to reuse.

Then we remembered the Sugar Sheets, and real science started to happen.

Creative in the Cookielab

Muriel reports that the Sugar Sheet was easy to cut, and it held its shape perfectly both added to cookies after they were baked, and being placed on the dough and living through seven minutes in the oven. After placing the cut design on the cookie, we added the sprinkles and carefully dusted off the excess.

Shimmering Finale

We only had one Sugar Sheet, and used the designs in both positive and negative to maximize the number of pretty treats. To cut the negative space designs, we used the cookie cutter to stamp the circle around the birds we’d just cut, and carefully lining the silver edges up with the cookie dough edges. For the original cut shapes, we used the blue Food Mist and experimented with the egg wash over the top of that before placing the silver design on it. It made the blue darker and the whole background very shiny and beautiful.

The sugar sheet adds a little sweet, but not a distracting flavor. Though a little time consuming if you are making a whole lot of them, using both the original cut design and the cookie cutter to cut a circle around the cutouts, we doubled our output. You will amaze your family at holiday gatherings, coworkers at the office party, and strangers on the subway with these shimmering bird cookies.